Markdown Extended is an extended implementation of John Gruber's original markdown syntax to write reach contents from simple text files such as common .txt.

Full specifications

The rules of the syntax are listed and described in the MDE's specification, which is the big work of this site. We write and maintain the MDE manifest for this purpose.

A quick documentation is proposed in the cheat sheet with all rules in one page for a day-to-day usage.

 MDE manifest

Want to try it?

To give it a try or to edit your day-to-day Markdown contents, you can use our online MDE dingus soft and perfect to work with its cool web-interface.

No button or long text, just your keyboard and what you want to write ...

 MDE dingus

Parse MDE online

Because we are modern people, we have made a webservice API to parse Markdown Extended contents online with a simple HTTP request.

The API is quite well documented and allows you to parse contents and files and to get a JSON response you can easily handle with common programming languages.


Forgot the syntax?

Because we have anything to do but reminding some syntax rules, we have made an interactive cheat-sheet for the MDE syntax. It is quite easy to read and use: one rule per line with raw examples. The rules are separated in the three scopes of the specifications: typographic, block and miscellaneous.

Additionally, you can use our small syntax reminders tool to keep the rules in sight when you work on a content.

 MDE cheat-sheet

Want to get involved?

You want to contribute to this project? No need to be developer or to know anything about coding ;) If you want to help you can do so, in many ways ... first have a look at the milestones and you may find one you can contribute to.

 GitHub sources

Want to use it?

Last but not least, the first MDE parser is under a hard work from years ... It is coded in PHP and proposes a command for terminal usage, just like any other program.

PHP developers can of course use it in their work. It is available as a Composer package named piwi/markdown-extended.

 PHP MDE parser piwi/markdown-extended

**About** _MDE_

Markdown Extended is a descendant of the original Markdown idea from John Gruber. The extended version tries to propose a complete set of Markdown syntax tags and rules and to be a reference for users and developers who wants to use or implement the Markdown syntax.

What is Markdown?

Created by John Gruber in 2004, Markdown is, as he says:

a text-to-HTML conversion tool for web writers. Markdown allows you to write using an easy-to-read, easy-to-write plain text format, then convert it to structurally valid XHTML (or HTML).

As I would say, Markdown is a set of writing rules to build some human readable text contents, such as .txt common files, which can be parsed to build some reach and interactive content, structurally and typographically.

This syntax has become one of the most common standards of rich-text contents, used for instance by GitHub as one of the proposed syntaxes for informational files (such like this one).

A short history

The original Markdown idea and the very first parser was made by John Gruber, coded in Perl script.

An extended implementation, known as Markdown Extra, has been written by Michel Fortin, coded in PHP script.

Another extended implementation, known as Multi Markdown, has been written by Fletcher T. Penney, coded in Perl script.

So why a new version of the syntax?

Well, many other implementations exists for the syntax, with their own rules and tags. This is the reason why we try here to build a kind of universal version of the Markdown rules (which are quite not-universal along the web). The real work is the Manifest which is a kind of un-official specifications written with rigor and strictness to finally be a set of "rule for any purpose".

**Open** _source_

Any source and documentation of this website, and generally any MDE's implementations referenced here, is open source. As the goal is to build a reference of Markdown's syntax usage, it has to keep free of use and accept any kind of external contribution.

We keep here a non-exhaustive list of various implementations in different programing languages. If you have a parser of the Markdown Extended syntax and you want to add it on this website, please learn how to do so.